Sunday, 15 April 2007

Who are you calling crap?

Well, the new edition of OWM arrived this morning. What can we say? It's dedicated to ethical issues, it contains several interviews with interesting people. It's pretty much everything we had ever hoped for from Observer Woman Magazine.

We have nothing else to say.

Hahahaha. As if.

Give us half an hour's more drinking time and we'll be back.

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miss-cellany said...

Have been awaiting your response with glee...

They've done themselves proud, so proud there's no need to comment any further. Under 'eco gods' as if the Queen(?!) wasn't bad enough found the following...

Simon Cowell

Green rating: Kiwi

He has the power to make pop stars and save the world. A staunch Peta supporter, Simon claims he only hires fellow Idol judges if they share his love of animals, and failed one wannabe who was a hunter.

There's a special name for green spit isn't there...