Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Around the bile-osphere

We know by now that we are far from alone in our feelings about OWM. Thank you all for your comments and support, it does help to spur us on so please keep them coming. We'll soon be distracted by hating the stupid simpering one (there's always one) so we might need you to keep us focussed.

From time to time we get curious as to what others think and go for a scooch around this interweb thing, and every time we find yet more likeminded souls. Take the lovely Oursin who actually makes us wonder if we might have been sleepblogging. But we think she is real and we think we might love her.

Just about everyone has been staring slackjawed at the charms of Nirpal and Liz. We particularly sympathised with Eleanor's overpowering horror.

But the unquestioned bottom-scraping bile-boiler of the month was of course Christa d'Souza's emotional botox burst. Everyone from the feministocracy down has been having their say. From the many, many comments on the topic, we can't help noticing that most of the people who hate Observer Women tend to write with far more insight and style than those who actually write OWM. Take a look at Yarnstorm if you doubt it, and compare it with - well actually with anyone. Although CharonQC comes close. OWMMS regular Jude has a brilliant observation about the Christa cover - the kind of insightful criticism that we would come out with if we actually knew what we were talking about. We also have to pay tribute to other new friends Belle de Jure (who is definitely not a slobby trout, we are convinced) and Sarah Salway. And credit also to Neil for this observation about Christa:

"she is dressed in a denim mini, pink long-sleeved tee and 4-inch wedges... she looks as though she`s about to stomp in a line to Gary Glitter, as though she`s idealised herself in 1974. "

But there is one phenomenon we can't help noticing every time we do a search on OWM. The results fall into two distinct categories - those who hate it with all their hearts, and those who express no opinion. Never yet have we found a blog or forum post by someone who actually likes the thing. You would think that somewhere there would have to be a subculture of strange credit-crazed Fashionistas who eagerly await the arrival of the highlight of their month. But if they are there, we have yet to find them.

Or so we thought {cue dramatic music, dum dum DAAAAH!}

Picture our faces when we typed "Observer Woman" into search engine and somewhere on the second page was a blog with the first sentence:

"I absolutely love Observer Woman magazine so..."

Could this really be true? Does such a creature really exist? With that curious feeling that accompanies a security blanket being dragged out from under your feet, we clicked through on the link and found this.

Which kind of begs a competition.

Can anyone find any blog, forum comment, or other written proof that anyone, anywhere actually enjoys Observer Woman Magazine? We don't just mean a vaguely neutral 'here's something a little bit interesting I saw in the Observer' type comment, we mean a full on endorsement along the lines of

"I absolutely love Observer Woman magazine so..."

The only rule is this: The person writing must not be either an OWM journalist or interviewee. They don't count.

The winner will possibly receive a prize. But probably won't. It depends whether or not dolly can find anything cool for £0.01 on eBay.

And while you're looking, if you find any other interesting stuff about OWM or anything else, do please leave us a comment or drop us a note.


Belle de Jure said...

On my packed commuter train, the lady sitting next to me (a complete stranger) proudly announced that I was welcome to keep her copy of Grazia. I had not shown any interest in whatsoever, but touched by the gesture of an anonymous co-commuter, I did my level best not to verbalise the tirade of sarcastic quips that were careering around my brain. I felt obliged to have a nosey (it's research) and in it was an interview by Nirpal wanting to give 'his side of the story'.

Do I care? You guessed it. In the same magazine I saw an ad for a pair of strappy sandals that looked almost identical to a pair I owned 10 years ago. Yes, there is little original in either fashion or dysfunctional celebrity marriages. I am having a slobby moment...

Blogging courtesy urges me to exercise restraint over Observer Woman Lover...

Spitting Mad said...

Hahaha... yep, the Grazia blogs are full of it.

But do you mean you know an OWM fan? Oh go on, we promise to be nice ;0)

Belle de Jure said...

Alas, no. It was simply a reference to 'Sleeping Around'. I exercise restraint because as she has used her proper name (she says), I am concerned not to launch an entirely unwarranted attack on her reputation;). However, in the spirit of 'fair comment', one cannot help but wonder aloud if one of her sources of inspiration was my namesake Belle de Jour...

No, I fear we have either driven them all underground or, as your excellent post infers, OW lovers can't write with any degree of competence(a far more likely explanation).

Anonymous said...

A lively "This Much I Know" from broadcaster Muriel Gray - an Orange judge this yr - in the main Obs magazine today. "I'm gobsmacked young women now don't aspire to be Ellen MacArthur or JK Rowling. They want to be Jordan and Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton". So I doubt we'll be seeing Muriel in OWM any time soon then. Oh and she's 48 and slender and wearing a short skirt and laughing, without making a big deal of having ageorexia or doing yoga three times a week: she claims to look like Sid James now whereas when she was younger people said she looked like Annie Lennox.

Jonquil said...

Not only have I met Oursin, she is just as cool and articulate in person.

oursin said...

Thank you for those kind words: I have just created an LJ feed for this blog, and people are already signing up with great enthusiasm.

Marna said...

I hope Oursin is real; I've a lunch date with her in July!

I followed her here, and have signed up to the feed.

Eleanor said...

At last! I love this blog!! And thankyou for putting the link to my blog in!!!! I am indeed the horrified Eleanor, and the horror was indeed overpowering...