Thursday, 15 March 2007

March edition: A short apology.

In our previous expectoration, we may have inadvertently given the impression that one item in the March edition of OWM could actually have been quite interesting.

After careful consideration of the article in question, we now realise that this allegation is completely without foundation.

In the name of the father is in fact seemingly interminable, largely unreadable, mostly unfathomable and ultimately turgid. We solemnly promise all our readers that in the future we will never again make the elementary error of assuming that because something in OWM looks interesting, it will in fact be interesting.

In our defence, we would have been remiss in our duties had we not brought to your attention this particular example of OWM's unrivalled style:

"The carved Charles II staircase is a triumph. It is really not the kind of
place that its owner, however severe her deadlines, can very easily

(thanks to Hysteresis at the Big Chill forum for the spot)



I cannot bear that Polly Vernon woman. Thank you for listening.

Spitting Mad said...

Thank you for commenting, ms monkey! And welcome...