Friday, 16 March 2007

Publications that are better than Observer Woman Magazine: #1 of what could be an extremely long list indeed

This book has just been published for Red Nose Day, after a Herculean effort from Mike at Troubled Diva.

We particularly like the detail that it costs £8.96. Not £8.99, because that would just be common. Minus the cost of paper and ink, about £3.63 of that will go towards feeding Lennie Henry's ego.

We're not in it, but many of the contributors who are in it really, really hate Observer Woman. We know because they told us. And that's good enough for us. We're not normally known for our charitable disposition here at OWMMS, but we will make an exception for this. Why? We can do no better than quote the words of fellow OWM-hater Clare at Boob Pencil:

[Buy it] and that means you can resolutely TURN THE FUCKING TELLY OVER tonight and not watch any of the God-awful not-very-funny drivel we Brits are going to have inflicted upon us, and you can do so with a clear conscience.


Clare said...

Ooh, this post got all formatted since I last visited it ten minutes ago.

I like being quoted. You may do it again.

[waves regally]

Spitting Mad said...

You'd better say something else witty then, hadn't you.

Oh and congratulations on wangling your way into the book.

We still think you should have gone with the panther though.


Spitting Mad said...

yes panther was better, but you forgot to mention we had no coats - of course we wouldn't need coats as we were only going to be in the car and the horrible shop.

but i would think it's better, its got me in it.


Clare said...

Ooh, the coats!

I forgot about the coats.

Overall though, the panther one was a bit long and messy. Less concise.

You're right though, the addition of 'Jane' was a definite plus in its favour.

And nobody else has the faintest clue what we're on about.

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